Building a Better Future
with Buildings

Building a Better Future with Buildings

We’re on a mission to accelerate carbon reduction by enabling organizations to improve building operations and space decisions.

Our founders built software at Google, Salesforce, Waymo, and CERN before starting Trebellar in 2022.

Our story

A single statistic catalyzed our founding: 40% of global carbon emissions originate from the built environment. Having spent their careers developing distributed systems and enterprise software, our founders saw an opportunity to help businesses drive efficiencies at scale – with a real chance to achieve meaningful wins for the planet.

This is our team

We’re now a fast-growing team of dedicated developers, designers, and customer advocates unified around our goal to help organizations understand – and act on – their building data.

We believe that software can play a primary role in guiding to better outcomes – whether that’s a more efficient use of existing office space, a more productive and engaged workforce, less energy waste, or lower emissions.

Diego Ferreiro Val

Prior to Trebellar, Diego spent nearly a decade working at Salesforce where he served as a Principal Architect behind the company's Lightning product and beyond. He became one of the youngest engineers to become an executive.

In his free time, Diego can be found cooking paella, consuming copious amounts of jamón, or spending time with his wife and son.

David Garcia Quintas

David began his career at CERN where he worked on the control systems of the world's largest particle accelerator. He then spent 8+ years at Google and Waymo, working on AI/NLP at Google Research, and network programming and protocols as an early member of the gRPC team.

When not at work, David is a full-on adrenaline jockey and is drawn to endurance sports.

Craig Villamor

Previously: Google, Stash, AppDynamics, Salesforce

Omar Ramirez

Previously: Netflix, Stripe, Atlassian, Google

Corinne Murray

Previously: CBRE, American Express, Gensler, WeWork

Guy Jenkins

Previously: Salesforce, EPAM, Vodafone

Our investors
We’re proud to be backed by proven early-stage investors in SaaS, climate and proptech


(/tɾə. bəˈʎaɾ/)

Mastery through curiosity and exploration.

Trebellar is a Galician word that roughly translates to “Play with something with the aim of mastering it.” It speaks to one of our core values: curiosity.