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The unified data platform for
Modern Workplace & CRE

Turn siloed sensors, systems, and spreadsheets into actionable insights. Like magic.
“We have 1000s of sensors deployed that weren’t being used. Trebellar allowed us to unlock the power of all that data. We now control all our portfolio and make better decisions, faster.”
Director of Real Estate Technology at a Fortune 500 company
“This is the dream: all of my office utilization metrics, events, and workplace wellbeing data in one place – with easy-to-use tools to track how we’re performing.”
Global Head of Workplace, Software
“With Trebellar, our workplace analyst can be 3 times more productive. We’ve been able to scale our team’s impact without adding additional headcount.”
- Workplace Leader, Financial Services

One platform for delivering
insights & impact.

All of your data, together at last

Reduce reliance on BI aggregators, Excel Macros, and other half measures. Trebellar solves for siloed sensors, systems, and spreadsheets.

Flexible analytics

Easily customize dashboards and reports to track your real estate organization’s progress on its most important business KPIs.

Trebellar AI co-pilot

Produce analysis and reports in minutes, not days, with Trebellar’s game-changing conversational AI companion.

Work smarter, not harder

Automate alerts, ticketing, and work order creation with a single software. Enable world-class services with less overhead and fewer fire drills.

Be proactive

Get predictive alerts when an asset or space needs attention – before it turns into an interruption, outage, or complaint.

Improve continually

Gain detailed analytics on issue type and frequency, and report easily on your team’s performance: average time to resolution, internal SLA metrics, and more.

Understand needs

Combine qualitative and quantitative measures of engagement to deliver on goals for workplace hospitality, design, and services.

Right size services

Run more efficiently. Quantify and predict demand to ensure services, amenities, and staffing match actual employee needs.

Deliver some ‘Wows’

Offer faster, easier ways for employees to access the spaces, amenities, and assets they need to be happy and productive.


A purpose-built platform for effortlessly handling real estate data at scale.

Data encryption & security
Real-time data
Easy to customize, update & maintain
AI/ML ready
Fast support for new integrations
Workflows & automation
Predictive analytics
Automated data normalization
Customizable alerts & notifications
Modern data scalability & performance

Unlock the full potential of your workplace technologies


Unify fragmented sensors, systems, and data sources.


Strengthen data integrity across all spaces & time zones.


Work smarter with predictive insights & conversational AI.


Save time with flexible workflows & automation.

success stories

10x your team's impact


$1.5M in avoided analyst costs

F1000 financial services

Background: The customer had built a semi-automated way to aggregate badge data from across their portfolio. The process worked, but was cumbersome and costly to maintain. The customer also had invested in a number of different occupancy sensing solutions across its various regions. As a result, users had to log into different softwares to conduct space utilization research.

Impact: By migrating to Trebellar, the customer was able to unify different sensors into a single environment. Trebellar was also able to fully automate the ingestion and normalization of badge data, saving hundreds of labor hours annually.

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$2M in avoided staffing costs

Fortune 200 Tech

Background: The customer was looking to simplify their FM and Operations responses to high-priority issues that happen in their workplace. They experienced a lot of false positive alerts from their IoT workplace sensors that created unnecessary work for their facilities team.

Impact: By working with Trebellar, the customer created workflows, a time-saving feature that creates efficiency for FM and Ops teams. As a result of Trebellar’s customized workflows, the customer saved approximately ~75,000 hours by focusing on productive work efforts and not false positives. Within one month, the team reported the false-positive notifications were reduced by 80% - reducing operational noise and making the team more efficient.

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Employee Experience

2x increase in employee csat

high-growth tech

Background: The customer was tasked with managing over 5,000 meetings and events across their real estate portfolio, while maintaining an exceptional customer satisfaction score.

Impact: Trebellar aggregated and standardized data, allowing them to accurately plan and staff properly for events. Trebellar provided insights into preferences, consumption patterns, and attendance history, which allowed the client to optimize their catering resources and avoid cost and food waste, and right size staff based on historical data.

By making the team more efficient, they had a higher NPS score with employees and guests. In addition, they were able to reallocate time for the event management team, allowing them to focus on improving the quality of their events.

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Flexible and limitlessly extensible

Integrate data from almost any system, source, or sensor.

Integrate data from almost any system, source or sensor.

Don’t see the system you need? In most cases, we can support it in 10 business days or less. Contact us to learn more.
Don’t see the system you need? In most cases, we can support it in 10 business days or less. Contact us to learn more.

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