Experience & Hospitality

Seamless experiences for the human workplace

Deliver world-class experiences while retaining control of your workplace and its policies.


Maximize your team’s time for human interaction.

Reduce tickets
and complaints
Provide world-class self-serve services, enabling your workplace team to focus on experience and connection.
Know what’s working
Use Trebellar’s insights on room and asset utilization to understand which strategies drive engagement.
Rightsize services and amenities
Set staffing and service levels in line with projected demand with Trebellar’s predictive analytics.
Correlate survey data with KPIs
Get the full picture. Trebellar makes it easy to assess qualitative feedback against hard data and KPIs.

AI concierge

Deliver a chat-based experience that your employees love to use. Trebellar AI co-pilot can quickly book a desk or room, answer questions about policies or office amenities, or recommend alternative commute options.

Predictive analytics

Be better prepared for the week ahead with predictive insights on expected attendance and upcoming events. Avoid waste by setting staffing, catering, and service levels against projected demand.

Hybrid insights

Trebellar surfaces useful trends around meetings and collaboration. Understand what share of meeting attendees join remotely versus in person – and know how frequently people book rooms that are too big for the number of in-person attendees.
Frequently asked questions
How can Trebellar help our team support a better workplace experience?

Trebellar can help workplace operations teams rightsize services, catering, and amenities to predicted demand. Drawing on data sources such as historic office attendance, upcoming workplace events, and weather, Trebellar can issue attendance predictions for the coming week. Workplace operations teams can then use these forecasts to better set service levels that better match actual demand. Result: less waste, better employee workplace experience.

What are some other Trebellar use cases for workplace experience and hospitality?

Trebellar’s conversational AI agent is able to answer questions about a particular office location, its amenities, policies, and other related information. It’s also able to reserve spaces based on user input. Provided Trebellar has access to details pertaining to meeting room configuration – for example, AV/IT equipment, seating, amenities – our AI agent can seamlessly book space based on the user-provided preferences.

Can I measure my progress against benchmarks or KPIs?

Yes! Trebellar can be configured to track KPIs against a stated goal. For instance, you may be launching a set of new workplace programs designed to boost office attendance and engagement. In Trebellar, you’d be able to set a target and then easily measure and report your progress against this goal.