Workplace Operations

Work smarter.
Not harder.

Save time, reduce noise, and simplify FM and workplace operations with Trebellar’s intelligent productivity tools for teams.


One platform to support world-class FM and workplace operations.

Stay a step
ahead, always
Deliver proactive maintenance and services to fix issues before they cause outages or workplace interruptions.
alarm fatigue
Use Trebellar workflows for smart fault detection, enabling your team to focus on the issues that matter most.
issue reporting
Streamline workplace IoT and building-relating notifications into a single, standardized set of workflows.
Measure your team’s impact
Gain powerful analytics on mean time to resolution, issue frequency, cost and SLA metrics, and more.

Trebellar AI co-pilot

Find new ways to exceed expectations without adding to your team’s workload. Ask Trebellar AI for operational status updates, insights on new trends, and recommendations on how to best focus your team’s resources.

Flexible workflows

Easily define business rules to automate responses when certain criteria apply: notify your team, create an issue, or adjust system settings. Workflows enable teams to act proactively and provide an easy option for fault detection.


Streamline and simplify how your team receives, reviews, and acts on issues. Issues in Trebellar show key details around the workflow and what triggered the notification: location, time, type, and historic trends.

Ticketing and work orders

Review, triage, and dismiss issues – or quickly open a ticket or work order in your existing system. Ticket status is automatically updated on issues in Trebellar, providing key insights into your team’s performance.

System health monitoring

Get summary analytics and detailed reporting on system health

Dynamic cleaning

Avoid cleaning spaces that haven’t been used, saving time and money

Rightsize staffing

Use predictive analytics to staff relative to anticipated demand

Proactive servicing

Know ahead of time when to swap batteries or make a fix

Mobile insights

Keep your team in the know via SMS and mobile-friendly alerts

Fault detection

Filter out false positives, like distracting water leak alerts
Frequently asked questions
How can Trebellar help automate workplace operations?

Using workflows, users can easily create and configure business rules that – when triggered – can automate a response. For example, you could create workflow that sends an SMS or Teams message when a space reaches a critical threshold for occupancy, air quality, or temperature.

Can Trebellar integrate with work order management or ticketing systems?

Yes! Trebellar can streamline the creation of work orders and tickets for your workplace operations teams and the vendors they work with. Please reach out to discuss your particular needs. In most cases, we can support a new integration in as little as 2 to 10 business days.

What types of insights can Trebellar provide to workplace operations teams supporting hybrid work?

By integrating your calendar and/or space-booking system, you can gain a better understanding of how office spaces are used relative to virtual attendees. For example, you’d be able to measure what percentage of people join remotely versus the inferred number of people who attend from a meeting room. Adding occupancy or presence sensors can provide even greater granularity on these measures. From a privacy perspective, it’s important to note that Trebellar does not ingest or store any personally identifiable information, such names or email addresses.