How Trebellar works

Trebellar provides a secure, scalable platform for aggregating, normalizing, and interpreting built environment data.

How it works


Metadata-based platform

It all starts with Trebellar’s system architecture. From day one, we built our platform capable of handling a vast array of metadata – like sensor type, timezone, device status, and space attributes. It’s this approach that enables us to support new data integrations in days, not months.

Data unification

IoT devices & other data sources connect securely with Trebellar’s platform, which brings them together into a unified   database.To add a new source, simply enter your API key and token in Trebellar’s admin panel.

Handling of PII

As a general rule, Trebellar does not store or process personally identifiable information (PII) unless previously requested and authorized by the customer. Sensitive information – such as badge ID or email – is ingested using data masking.

Data normalization

Trebellar’s data ingestion service normalizes all data, regardless of format or origin. The resulting dataset is stored in Trebellar’s core database, where it’s readied for users and use cases.

Scalable, Real-Time Data Handling

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Machine learning

Trebellar’s proprietary machine learning service runs continually to detect anomalies, identify patterns, and issue predictions.

Web application

Users access Trebellar’s secure web app to gain insights, simplify operations, or deliver new workplace experiences.

3rd party applications

Trebellar’s outbound connections enable users to access information via 3rd party applications, such as Teams and Slack, or PowerBI and Tableau.

Conversational AI + LLMs

TrebellarAI co-pilot offers users of all types the ability to leverage conversational AI for a range of use cases, including reporting and analysis, operations, and experience.

On-going training, advice, and support

While Trebellar’s software is designed to be simple enough for anyone to use it, Trebellar’s Customer Success team provides on-going training and technical support.