The Single Pane of Glass
You’ve Always Wanted

The Single Pane of Glass You’ve Always Wanted

Trebellar’s unique platform fuses different systems into a seamless software experience, making it easy to gain building performance insights – and take action.  

Complete Insights

Trebellar simplifies all your building data into a format that’s easy to understand.

Smart FM

Easily create rules and automated workflows based on what happens in your buildings.

Limitlessly Scalable

For 10 endpoints or 10 million, our platform is designed to handle real-time insights at scale.


Complete Insights, Simplified

Occupancy & Utilization

Badging, wifi data, occupancy sensors: most organizations face a range of inputs when assessing space utilization. Simplify it all into a centralized view that everyone can understand.

Space Wellbeing

Occupant health is impacted by factors like carbon dioxide, VOCs, and luminosity. Use Trebellar to optimize environmental health relative to space type, time of day, occupancy, and more.

Energy Efficiency

We all suspect there’s low-hanging fruit when it comes to saving energy and reducing costs. With Trebellar you can spot outlier events, like empty floors running HVAC at full blast at 3pm.

Carbon & Sustainability

Many organizations have ESG- or climate-related goals. Address 40% of your carbon footprint with benchmarks, targets, and progress tracking with Trebellar’s climate analytics suite.

The magic of full context

A single metric tells only part of the story. Trebellar contextualizes what’s going on in your spaces, making it possible to identify new trends and correlations.

Air Quality
Air quality in Maximus conference room will hit Unhealthy
Prediction based on occupancy, ventilation, and time of day.
Floor 13-20
were the least used in last month, under 32% capacity
These floor were under 10% utilized than usual.
Floor 14
can be closed on Tuesdays.
This floor is underutilized based on the lack of population in the last 3 months.
Meeting rooms
was below moderate AIQ this month.
This is trend because rooms have been busy in the last 3M.
will be the busiest in the following month.
The observation shows that Fridays have been the busiest in the last 3M.

Gain a complete view into building performance

Powerful Search

Easily find the data and insights you need across your portfolio. Trebellar search lets users get quickly to the information they need based on their individual user permissions profile.

Conversational AI (in beta)

With your building data integrated into Trebellar’s system it’s possible to leverage the power of generative AI, powered by ChatGPT. Ask complex questions, get clear answers.

Customizable Dashboards

Every team has its own data needs, from individual spaces to portfolio-wide insights. With Trebellar, it’s easy to customize and share views of your data.

Automated Workflow

Save time and reduce ticketing noise with Trebellar’s automated workflows. Easily set IF/THEN conditions and customize actions, from creating a ticket to sending an SMS.


Unlock the full potential of your workplace technologies


Unify fragmented sensors, systems, and data sources.


Strengthen data integrity across all spaces & time zones.


Work smarter with predictive insights & conversational AI.


Save time with flexible workflows & automation.